“In trifling show his tinsel talent lies,
And form the want of intellects supplies,
In aspect grand and goodly he appears,
Rever’d as patriarchs in primaeval years.
Hourly his learn’d impertinence affords
A barren superfluity of words,
The patient’s ears remorselessly he assails,
Murders with jargon where his med’cine fails.

Still apt are these lines by Sir Samuel Garth (1661 – 1719), English physician and poet, revealing the obvious shortcomings of medical knowledge and those seeking to use it. Despite there being several areas beyond our understanding, we can still valiantly, albeit naively, try and catch up with the unknown rather than letting it get too far ahead. Searching and researching the annals of medicine and learning by experience with a touch of imaginative brilliance alongside can go a long way in unraveling the medical mysteries. What better way to do it than with fellow students and future professionals in one of the more well-known medical institutes in the country!

Welcome to OSMECON-2014!

An Undergraduate Medical Conference Conducted by Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.

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