"An opportunity for your novelty"

Presenting - A chance to formalize your curiosity;
To give wings to the thinker and writer in you;
To showcase your ideas to the medical fraternity 
And bring your research into public view!

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) Each team can have a maximum of 2 members.
  2. 2)Individual presentations will also be accepted.
  3. 3)Only one delegate in the team is allowed to present the paper. However questions can be answered by either of the team members.
  4. 4) Abstract Submission:-
        a. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words(including title and analysis).
        b. The last date for submission of abstracts is 20th Oct 2021.
        c. The abstract should be in the form of word document (.doc or .docx).
        d. The abstracts should be in the format of Title, Introduction, Background, Aims & Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results & Analysis(as applicable) and          References.
        e. Attesting the authenticity of the work by any senior faculty member at the end of the abstract is mandatory.
        f. Informed Consent Form, Study Questionnaire and Case Study Form must be uploaded seperately if used for the study.
        g. Papers are to be submitted to
        h. The delegates whose abstracts are selected for final presentation will be sent mail and will be given prior information.
  5. 5) The presentation is expected to to be in the form of PowerPoint presentation (.ppt or .pptx) not exceeding 18 slides.
  6. 6) The powerpoint presentation is to be submitted at the latest by 27th Oct 2021.
  7. 7) Each presenter will be given a total of 8 minutes: 5 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A session both from the judges and audience (chat box).
  8. 8) There will be only one winner for each session which will be declared in the valedictory ceremony.

Selected Abstracts

Decision regarding the selected abstracts, by the Faculty Advisors is final. No queries will be entertained in this regard.