"Let your strokes be your voice"

"All you need to paint is a few tools , a little instruction and a vision in your mind" - Bob Ross.
Art is artist painted. To paint is to show a bit of your soul. Where words fail, colours & strokes convey.
The colours to use ; the shades to restrain & the strokes to play with...are what defines an artist & his/her artwork.
Make the colours explode on the canvas of life & put on a show for the world to see & marvel.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) Delegates must send their paintings to along with their Registration ID and photo of passport size.
  2. 2) The last date for submission is 14th Aug 2022.
  3. 3) Each participant is allowed only one entry for the competition.
  4. 4) The self declaration form given below must be attested by any faculty member of your college/hospital and a scanned copy must be uploaded.
  5. 5) The size of the painting should be A3 size (Landscape).
  6. 6) A description of the painting, within 100-150 words, has to be attached in the form of a word document (.doc / .docx) along with the photo.
  7. 7) A scanned copy of the painting should be sent in less than 10 MB size in .nef/.jpg/.png format.
  8. 8) The selected paintings will be displayed on all days of the conference.
  9. 9) Plagiarism of any kind will lead to disqualification.
  10. 10) Winner will be declared in the valedictory ceremony only.


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