"But the dead do tell tales"

The science of divulging the truth lies in the art of autopsy.
'Why? How? When? Where?' - the questions looming in the detective's mind regarding someone's death, it's the autopsy that solves them all.
To learn to answer all these questions and seem like a Sherlock, is an exhilarating experience as you gaze at the facts being dissected out of the body.
This workshop embraces all those learning experiences apart from enlightening on important medical issues related to Forensic Medicine.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  • Conducted by : Department of Forensic Medicine, Osmania Medical College.
  • Duration : 6 hours
  • Slots : 40
  • Date : 26th August

Course content:-

  1. 1) Live Autopsy    a.A chance to watch or perform a Post-mortem Examination
       b.Request for an autopsy
       c.Types of autopsy
       d.Writing the autopsy report - Diagnosis of the cause of death
  2. 2) Examination of a victim of Sexual Violence.
  3. 3) Medicolegal care for survivor or victim of Sexual Violence.