"Swirl of emotions, weaving a flow of words"

Poetry is an art,
Tugging at the seams of your heart.
It'll have you bewitched in no time,
with the intricate weave of words & rhyme.
A poet is akin to a musician who plays the strings of his heart to bring out the beauty in words.
Awaken the inner poet in you & share the joy of poetry with the world.


  1. 1) The poem should be within a limit of 20 lines.
  2. 2) No plagiarism will be entertained.
  3. 3) Send your writings in the form of a word document (.doc/.docx format) to along with their Registration ID and photo of passport size.
  4. 4) The last date for submission is 14th Aug 2022.
  5. 5) The best poems will be displayed on all the days of the conference.
  6. 6) Winners will be announced in the valedictory ceremony only.


  1. 1) Inside the Mind of a Patient visiting an Adolescent Health Clinic
  2. 2) Rising in Kindness