"Ally. Analyse. Animate."

By definition it is an audio visual presentation,that helps you showcase your research in a colourful way. How you portray your journey into the depths of the medical field is what helps you grab your prize.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  • Proposed timeline for teams to follow -
  • ✤ Questionnaire, study on the chosen topic and research abstract – by 22nd July
  • ✤ Screening of abstracts - (abstracts submitted beyond the final date of submission will not be screened) 24th July
  • ✤ Ethical committee approval – To be taken from the ethical committee of the respective college whenever possible
  • ✤ After submission of abstract, research work and circulation of forms should begin at the earliest.
  • ✤ Work on the script for the speakers and the content for the AV should begin by the earliest.
  • ✤ Submission of long abstract (Report) – 15thto 17th August.
  • ✤ Speakers should start practicing the script by - 15th to 23rd August
  • ✤ Finalised AV video should be submitted to us by 23rd to 24th August
  • ✤ Rehearsals with Speakers and completed AV – must begin by 23rdAugust

  • This is the proposed timeline for symposium which the delegates need to follow for maximum efficiency.
  • Necessary submissions need to be made by the teams before the deadline to avoid disqualification.
  • Teams will be duly informed if any change is made.


  • • It is a team event - minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 12 people per team (It is advised for the teams to have at least 3 to 4 speakers who will be presenting and at least 1 techie in their team).
  • • Who is eligible? – MBBS UNDERGRADUATES and INTERNS
  • • One member of the team shall take up the role of being the point of contact to the symposium team for registrations and to be informed regarding any information that is to be conveyed.
  • • Last Date for Abstract Submission - 26th July
  • • Rules regarding the abstract shall be released shortly.
  • • The selected abstracts will be revealed on the 29th of July.
  • • Selected teams shall participate in the prelims round which will be held OFFLINE at OSMANIA MEDICAL COLLEGE on the 27th of August.
  • • Teams qualified in the prelims round shall present the same AV again in the finals round which will be held on the 28th of August at OSMANIA MEDICAL COLLEGE.
  • • For more details about the rules and regulations click the button below.

Bringing you a platform to convey your passion for medical research to a rapt audience through a whimsical, informative audiovisual presentation.