"Decipher the lub-dubs of the heart & the whooshes of the lungs"

Another day in OP and your professor asks you, can you hear the murmur?
Or just another Tuesday morning presenting a respiratory case, where you are stuck on answering on your auscultatory findings in the infraclavicular area.
Does the stethoscope feel like a heavy accessory around your neck?
Do these thoughts tense you up? Are you always worried whether the sounds are crackles or wheeze?
Do the doubts that whether a disease should present with a mid diastolic or pan-systolic murmur dance around your mind?
The one-stop solution to all these worries is the Chest Sounds workshop, a latest but one of the most well received addendums to OSMECON.
A two phased workshop, heart sounds followed by respiratory sounds and you learn to decode the clues you gained through your stethoscope.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  • This workshop offers simplified learning of auscultation skills with the help of text, audio and video.
  • Conducted by :-
    1) Heart Sounds by Department of Cardiology, Osmania Medical College
    2) Lung Sounds by Department of Pulmonology, Osmania Medical College
  • Duration : 4 Hours
  • Slots : 150
  • Date : 26th August

Course content:-

  1. 1) Heart Sounds :
        a. Normal sounds
        b. Abnormal and Adventitious Sounds
  2. 2) Lung Sounds :
        a. Normal Sounds
        b. Interpretation and Discrimination of abnormal Sounds